Stamp New Issues Service

Country or Topical stamp standing order

Purchasing new stamp issues is the most practical method of building a valuable collection since you are assured of getting every stamp from your areas of interest.

In our store, you can also customize it so you can select the countries where you want to receive new postage stamp issues. For example, in our postage stamp new issue service you can subscribe to the fruit theme and you only want to receive new postage stamps from European, American and Asian countries. This is possible at WWW.PRINCESTAMPS.NET

Our proposal is worldwide new postage stamp issues on a standing order basis. All material is in mint, first quality. Our prices are normally below the market and are established at 25% over our cost, so the price for new stamp issues to which you are subscribed would be approximately 10% lower than that listed in our online store.

There is no minimum number of countries or topics to which you must subscribe. There are no deposit requirements for quantities up to 3.

All we ask is that you tell us exactly what you want sending an email to and register in our webshop at WWW.PRINCESTAMPS.NET

On receipt of your email we will confirm all details and we will begin to acquire the material you have ordered. To keep postage costs to a minimum, and in the absence of any other instructions, we normally ship when a minimum of 40 EUR worth of material has been accumulated for you.

Please e-mail to if you have any questions.