Custom Postage Service


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a) Only available for spanish stamps.
b) Spanish stamps must have the face value in EUR
c) The face value of the stamps must be higher than EUR 7.50
d) Service charge for this service is EUR 3.00 per letter
e) If you combine the purchase of other stamps or products: The face value of the stamps for postage must be equal to or greater than the shipping rate that appears on the shopping cart.
f) We will send you an email with a photo of the letter at the time of preparation.
g) We can guarantee that the stamps used will be in good condition and will stick to the envelope correctly.
h) We cannot control the handling of correspondence by the postal service, therefore we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the stamps used as postage.

How to use this service?
1. Put the Spanish stamps you want to use as postage in your shopping cart
2. Add the "Custom Postage" item to your shopping cart. You will find this product in the main category: Custom postage. 3. Use the coupon: postage 4. Select the Custom Postage Service as shipping method.
4. Do the usual checkout process and make the payment.